Bettner Wire Coating Dies holds a long tradition of ensuring the utmost integrity in our products and customer service, while instilling the Bettner family values into everything we do and create.

Our leaders and manufacturing team represent 4 generations of experience in the wire coating die industry. We offer a large range of split, solid, carbide tipped, and universal dies for round and rectangular wires.

Historically, Bettner dies were typically used in the manufacturing of magnet and ignition wires. However, with the recent advancements of the healthcare industry, our dies are now primarily used for precision medical tubing and lumens. Bettner dies are also used for applying anti-fraying agents to threads, yarns, and braided thermocouple wire.

Our years of expertise can help you find the perfect die for your needs. As the original creator of many of the dies you may already be familiar with, we would love to work with you on creating the perfect die that fits your business needs.