This is a part-time job, 4 days a week, 22.5 hours on average. As demand changes, we may ask for 5 days a week or more than 6 hours a day.

We are currently open Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am -2:00 pm, with some exceptions.

This position would be ideal for those who are just out of high school/trade school, those currently in college, someone seeking supplemental or temporary work, and semi-retired individuals.

Starting Pay: $15 hr (negotiable with experience)


This candidate must have/be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Completed high school or equivalency
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • The ability to speak and understand English
  • An understanding of basic math, basic fractions, decimals, and weights

It is imperative that this individual be able to stand or sit for long periods of time, use hands to feel, handle, push, pull, and carry objects that may be heavy in weight or are very small and fragile. They will also be required to operate large and small mechanical equipment (such as manual lathes, drill presses, grinders, and hand tools) with hands, arms, and feet, and do so repetitively. They must also be able to frequently do basic math or use a calculator to work with decimals and fractions for very small measurements.


We are currently looking for an individual whose focus long-term will be using a vintage-style South Bend turret lathe to drill holes as small as .010” in our steel and brass parts, which can be seen on our website pictures. Each one is made to order, and requires working with an inspector who checks the holes for size and shape before allowing you to move on to the next part. It requires good communication, teamwork, and being able to troubleshoot why one hole might pass while the next one does not, based on your speed, pressure, drill bit wear, etc.

You may be asked to do other tasks and run other machines first, while you become familiar with our operations and products. We would rather train the right person who has “the touch” naturally than expect someone to know exactly how to do this, as it is becoming a lost art in the age of automation.

Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Operating lathes, drill presses, grinders, punch presses, mills, etc.
  • Using hands and hand tools for long periods of time tying, twisting, brushing, etc.
  • Working closely with and listening to others to accomplish production goals.
  • Willingness to switch tasks when asked, or work on multiple tasks through a workday.
  • Keeping a clean work area that others can also use.
  • Occasionally getting dirty (oil, grease, dust, etc.)

Special Perks:

  • Semi-flexible schedule
  • 30 minute lunch
  • Paid breaks/free coffee
  • Relaxed personal dress (jeans, t-shirt, etc.) or a uniform can be provided
  • No work on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or major holidays
  • No overtime
  • Freely walk, sit, or stand to relieve the fatigue of being in the same position.
  • Paid time off after 1 year
  • Unpaid time off for special circumstances (life happens!)

(We do not currently offer full-time benefits.)

If you are interested in learning more or think you’d be a great fit, you can email a short introduction and resume to info@bettner.com.

(No phone calls please.)